Why it’s time to review your Life Insurance

Shirley Gordon
Practice Leader, Personal & Family Office Risk Management

Winged Keel is a highly specialized partner that G2 engages for advice and client assistance in this important wealth planning area.

G2’s Personal Risk Management team provides comprehensive property and liability solutions for risks at every stage of life. In helping our clients anticipate risk changes, it is important to review life insurance plans at key intervals. Given the profound impact of low interest rates on traditional life insurance policies, now is a perfect time.

Your wealth manager may provide life insurance services or introduce their select partners for this planning.   If you need access to a specialized contact, we introduce Winged Keel Group.

We asked Brian Gartner, Partner at Winged Keel, to comment on why a review would be prudent right now:

“Now is an opportune time to confirm the protections and security life insurance can provide are still in place.  Many clients will find policies like Whole Life and Universal Life, which are non-guaranteed and supported by the balance sheet of the insurance company, have been adversely impacted due to the prolonged low-interest rate environment.  As a result, we encourage clients and their professional advisors to dust off old policies and conduct a comprehensive audit.  Doing so confirms if the ultimate value of the portfolio is still in line with the family’s goals and expectations.  In many instances, opportunities are identified to optimize the existing policies, or restructure them into fully-guaranteed policies with more attractive long-term economics.”

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