Re-Opening Your Business: A guide to risk identification and mitigation

Al Fine
Director of Risk Management

As businesses are allowed to reopen there are new operational risks to identify, mitigate, and where possible, eliminate. The issues are diverse and are not always tied to COVID 19 exposures.

Risk identification during COVID-19 requires a fresh look at risks that may have developed during the shutdown, be they building, people, compliance, or future supply lines. Such risks threaten financial and reputational well-being of your business. A list below addresses some of the key areas to focus your initial risk identification and control for your business.

Buildings — Risks that may affect closed buildings

Compliance — Risks due to existing or new compliance

Employees — Risks to and from the workforce

Public — Risks from contact and interaction with the public

Resources — Risks from interrupted supply lines

While not all businesses have been fully closed and not all will face every risk, it is time for a fresh look to ensure that your business, employees, and customers are safe.

This article was co-authored by Mark Hemmendinger of AcceptableRisk. Mark is a risk management consultant who works with G2 on large Enterprise Risk Management projects. He can be reached at 415.310.5415.

For more information, please contact Al Fine, Director of Risk Management, at 415.426.6688 or

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