Personal Risk Pro Tip: Planning for Wildfires

Shirley Gordon
Practice Leader, Personal & Family Office Risk Management

In California, the 2017 wildfire season became the worst on record, only for 2018 to prove even more deadly and destructive. The National Interagency Fire Center outlook for June through September of 2020 indicates many areas in the western U.S. will have above normal wildfire potential.

In addition to the extensive damage to property and land, wildfires can cause flooding, obstruct transportation, and create problems related to gas, power, and communication. Several factors contribute to the magnitude of wildfires and the speed at which they spread. Winds, high temperatures, and drought can convert trees, shrubs and fallen leaves into the perfect tinder for a wildfire to rage.

Important Recommendations:

Your G2 team wants you to take the precautions necessary to protect your family, pets, and property. A home can be engineered to withstand fire. This is good for you and contributes to the resiliency of your neighborhood and community.

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