Stay ahead of fire with real-time alerts

Mark Battat
Mark Battat
June 20, 2019

By the time a wildfire is in sight, it may be too late to get to safety. That’s why G2 subscribes to RedZone, a real-time alert system that keeps our clients informed before danger strikes.

At the first sign of a fire, RedZone alerts our team that property in the area may be affected. In turn, our team immediately contacts our clients with specific information about the fire and tips on what they can do to protect their property and families.

Recently, a bus caught on fire on the shoulder of a major Northern California freeway, dangerously close to dry brush. RedZone alerted our team that the bus was on fire and our clients who live in the area were notified immediately. While the fire was extinguished before it reached the brush, clients who received the notification were grateful.

Thank you again for checking in with us today! (The bus on fire) was quite a scene…and very close to our house. Scary to think about, but best to be prepared.

– Karen, G2 Personal Risk Management client