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Eventually everything connects

Providing insurance services has been a part of our family for over half a century. But we aren’t just rebooting an old company—we’re reimagining it. We believe by reconnecting to our past, we’re helping our clients better connect to their future.

Who We Are

Who We Are

Making Connections is in our DNA

G2 was started by
three individuals with
a shared history and
a common vision—
but very different

Matthew Goldman, Larry Colton, Jason Goldman

How & Why We Started G2

G2 traces its founding to over 50 years ago when Richard Goldman founded Goldman Insurance Services, the premier brokerage firm on the West Coast. Richard was not only Matthew and Jason’s grandfather but he also hired Larry Colton.

Larry began his career at Goldman in the 1970s (coincidentally, at the same age that Jason and Matthew would be at the founding of G2). Larry served as president of Goldman for 15 years. Following the merger with Willis Insurance, he served as president for a short period of time and continued to service his long term clients. In 2010 Larry joined the Fort Point Insurance and Business Professional Insurance Associates (BPIA).

Meanwhile, Matthew and Jason had graduated from UC Berkeley, both with a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies and an emphasis on Nonprofit Management and Philanthropy. They had held positions as financial analysts at Wells Fargo and Merrill Lynch, specializing in personal wealth management. But both were harboring a desire to build something from scratch.

In early 2012, Larry, Jason, and Matthew, over a series of long dinners, started talking about how much the industry had changed—how empathy had given way to efficiency, conversations had been replaced by algorithms, and insurance had stopped being about relationships and started being about just the bottom line.

So the three founders decided to form a different kind of brokerage firm based on a retro-radical mix of personalized service and an innovative new approach to insurance. Larry serves as CEO; Matthew focuses on retail, hospitality, and nonprofit insurance; and Jason is responsible for sales and leveraging new technology in all aspects of the organization.

Our story is just beginning.

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What We Do

What We Do

A Tradition of Excellence A Voice of innovation

Our brokerage firm has a “retro-radical” approach to insurance: personalized, high-touch service provided by seasoned experts, and innovative products and services that create more transparency and foster deeper relationships.

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G2 Personal

G2 has assembled a highly respected and dedicated team of personal insurance specialists with an average of 25 years of experience to help high-net-worth individuals, families, and family offices manage risk and plan for the future.

Our team has a unique understanding of the challenges facing our clients and is deeply committed to working closely with clients—from the initial discussions where we learn what’s important to you, to a review that compares the coverage you have versus the coverage you need, and finally, determining the best way to implement your coverages on an ongoing basis.

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G2 Equine

G2 provides comprehensive solutions for every kind of equestrian investment: full mortality, major medical/surgical, loss of use, farm property, as well as business exposures like training, boarding, horse shows and instructing.

Our services are delivered by highly respected industry professionals who not only have years of professional experience within the equestrian world—they’re also owners with a genuine passion for horses.

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G2 Commercial

G2 is the premier regional insurance broker for real estate, nonprofits, educational and research institutions, and financial organizations. We create and actively manage customized insurance programs and address all exposure to financial loss associated with the ownership and management of premises, operations, products, completed operations, professional, and special activities.

We also provide executive officers personal financial protection from shareholders, employees and customers. Our executive risk practice provides access to experts and solutions that identify risks, analyze coverage and provide a strategic approach to managing claims.

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G2 Risk Management

G2 offers a unique and holistic approach to helping clients assess and manage risk, including many ancillary services beyond the placement of insurance, such as risk control, claims, loss control, risk finance, contract management.

From the initial appraisal where we employ state-of-the-art predictive modeling to assess a client’s risk to the introduction and socialization of risk mitigation techniques that preserve stakeholder value—we are completely focused on the parameters that directly affect client’s exposures, requirements and outcomes.

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G2 Employee Benefits

With a wide selection of customized benefits plan strategies and products, plan management and support services, and leading-edge technology solutions to help employers navigate the challenges of running a benefits program, G2 is the perfect employee benefits partner.

We provide decision, implementation, and ongoing support services that include employee communications and enrollment, consulting services, compliance and regulatory support and more. And we also provide support to administer benefits programs efficiently and effectively.

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G2 Life

G2 clients enjoy the benefits of having a multi-disciplined, senior team of advisors with backgrounds in the areas of insurance, law, accounting and wealth management.

We offer a platform of customizable approaches for wealth preservation and business and estate planning. And because our partners are solutions oriented, they understand what clients are looking to accomplish and develop plans that meet specific objectives. Once a plan of action is established, we work closely alongside them to implement each step of the strategy.

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How We’re Different

How We’re Different

Growing a Company by Building a Community

For our clients, insurance is a way of connecting today’s goals to tomorrow’s realities. For us, it’s the foundation of a commitment to the people, institutions, and organizations that make up the community we all share a connection to.



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  • They feel like part of a family
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Our offices are located in the heart of the city. At a time when most business is conducted digitally, we think it’s still important to be just a few blocks away from where many of our clients live and work.

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